1st Virtual Moot Court by JECRC University in association with Pathlexis.

Aim of the Moot:

The event is a whole new opportunity to turn things around and make this time productive. We understand the plight of the law students, due to cancellation and postponements of various Moot Court Competitions at the current moment. Consequently, we are here to provide an opportunity for enriching growth and knowledge.

This event not only enhances the Research skills and confidence of our participants but also promotes awareness about a social cause that we overlooked during these times.

we welcome you all to participate in this Virtual Moot Court Competition. We assure you that it would be an interesting journey, and each of you will gain from it.

About JECRC University

We take this opportunity to introduce JECRC University Jaipur, one of the premier University in North India, established under The JECRC University Act, 2012 of Government of Rajasthan. The JECRC Group of Institutions commenced its journey 17 years ago with Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre approved by AICTE and Government of Rajasthan and is now   recognized as one of the leading and most preferred higher education groups of North India. It is our immense pleasure to inform that we have placed 1735 student this year in top leading 90 companies in India and worldwide.

Path Lexis

Path Lexis is a youth organization specializing in organizing moot courts, debates, seminars and other legal competitions for a much better learning experience than what is offered to the law students. Driven by a sense of excellence and talent in the young minds, a variety of mediums are provided to help students achieve perfectionism in every domain of the legal field.

The vision at Path Lexis is based around equality of opportunity in the field of law. By creating a community of law students, all students are delivered an equal shot at growing and learning. Every person is a manifestation of their past experiences, upbringing and the socioeconomic backgrounds and Path Lexis transcends such barriers.




1. These are the rules for the 1st Virtual Moot Court Competition.

2. The Competition shall be conducted over a period of 2 days from 26–27 September, 2020.

3. The registration fee for the Competition is INR 500 per participant.

4. The Moot Court Competition is a mono advocacy event i.e. one team shall consist of only one participant.

5. The Competition shall be conducted in accordance with the rules mentioned hereunder. Participants are required to comply with the rules and procedures prescribed herein.

6. All correspondence with respect to the Competition, kindly mail- ju.mootcourt@jecrc.edu.in and CC to pathlexis@gmail.com .

7. The Inaugural Function and Orientation of Participants will be held on 26th September, 2020 at 9:00 am and is too attended by all participants.

8. The Competition shall consist of the following Oral Pleading Sessions: (a) The Preliminary Rounds (26th September, 2020); (b) The Semi-Final Rounds (27th September , 2020); and (c) The Final Round (27th , September, 2020).

9. Draw of lots and Exchange of Memorials will be held on 4:00 p.m. 24th September , 2020.

NOTE: No approval from the respective institute of the participants is required for participation.


Students of three year and five-year law degree courses from any University/Law School/ College/ Department are eligible to apply for registration of their team.


Each team shall consist of only one person as the 1st Virtual Moot Court Competition is a mono advocacy event ( More than one team can participate from same institute).


1. The registration fee shall be Rs. 500/- (five hundred only) for each participant. The registration fee shall be non-refundable and non-transferable.

2. The last date for registration is 11:59 p.m., 20th September , 2020.

3. Pay Registration via Paytm/ Google Pay/ Phone Pay – 7300795536 (Upload Screenshot of Payment in Registration Forum.)

4. ONLINE GOOGLE FORM to register – Click here.



1. The Memorial must strictly adhere to the below mentioned Guidelines and should be submitted in PDF as well as Word document (.doc/.docx) on ju.mootcourt@jecrc.edu.in and CC to pathlexis@gmail.com .

2. Each participant shall prepare the Memorial for both side

3. The Softcopies of the Memorial have to be mandatorily submitted by 11: 59 p.m. 23rd September , 2020 at ju.mootcourt@jecrc.edu.in  and CC to pathlexis@gmail.com  with the Subject – ‘Submission of Memorial by ‘team code’.

4. The Compendium is optional.

5. The submission of the Compendium will be alongside the memorials as per the previously stipulated time period in both PDF and Word (.doc/.docx) format.

6. No further extension shall be provided, for any reason whatsoever.

7. The Written Submission shall nowhere mention any particulars of the team, except the Team Code allotted by the Organizers. There must be no mention of Name, Contact number, Email id, University name etc.


The Memorials shall consist of only the following sections:

a) Cover Page [mentioning the Team Code on the top right corner]

b) Table of Contents

c) List of Abbreviations

d) Index of Authorities

e) Statement of Jurisdiction

f) Statement of Facts

g) Statement of Issues

h) Summary of Arguments

i) Pleadings ( upto 15 pages)

j) Prayer

**Non-compliance with the above criteria shall result in a penalty of two marks per missing section.

The Cover Page of a Written Submission must contain the following information: -

a) The Team Code in the upper right-hand corner

b) The name and year of the Competition

c) The name of the case

d) The side for which the Written Submission has been prepared

e) Name of the forum resolving the dispute.

The front page of the memorial for the Petitioner must be BLUE, while the front page for the Respondent’s memorial must be RED.

The numbering should be on the bottom-centre of each page.

The teams have to use the citation method as stated in the 20th edition of the Blue Book, for citation throughout the memorial, with strict adherence.

There shall be no speaking footnotes in the memorial.

The formatting particulars of the memorial is as follows:

a) Font Type – Times New Roman

b) Font Size – 12

c) Font Colour – Black

d) Line Spacing – 1.5

e) Margins – 1 inch

f) Footnotes – Times New Roman, 10 and Single Line Spacing ( Bluebook 19th Edition )


1. There shall be 3 rounds where the participants present their cases in front of the Court via live video presentations on Google Meet. The Judges may pose questions to the participants.
2. The 3 rounds will be the Preliminary Rounds, Semi Final Rounds and the Final round.
3. The time given during the Preliminary Rounds is 10 minutes for arguments, during the Semi Finals Round 12 minutes will be given for arguments and in the Final Round 15 minutes for arguments. For all the rounds, 2 minutes for rebuttal and 1 minute for sur rebuttal will be allotted.
4. In certain cases, the judges may grant extra time to the participants by virtue of their discretion. However, the participants are requested to adhere to the given time.
5. The time slot for Presentation will be allotted beforehand via email and the Participants are expected to be alert and join the Video Conference on time.
6. In case of a tie breaker, the marks scored on the Memorial will be considered.
7. The team with the higher score shall be declared as the Winner of the Competition.
8. Proper courtroom attire is mandatory.
9. The language of communication will be English throughout the competition and proper courtroom etiquette is expected.
10. Participate must be formally dress up for the Oral Rounds.

For Moot Proposition Click here.

For Brochure,  Click here.

For more details, Contact -

ju.mootcourrt@jecrc.edu.in or pathlexis@gmail.com